Behind the color..

Caitlin Moran is the owner and creator of Companion Fiber, a specialty natural fiber company in the eastern panhandle of West Virginia.  Caitlin has been spinning, knitting, and creating art since childhood.  As an experienced organic farmer and gardener, Caitlin is also a lifetime lover of nature and the countryside.  Her skill and expertise in farming, cultivation, and fiber art are the foundation of her unique product line. Companion Fiber started in 2018 as part of Caitlin’s own companion farm, a system of farming that combines flowers and vegetables working together as a healthier ecosystem.  The natural beauty and vibrant color of a healthy ecosystem is the inspiration for all of her creative work.


Companion Fiber yarns are all made of natural fibers, specializing in Merino wool and completely handmade products.  Each colorway is inspired by the nature and beauty of West Virginia and her home in the Appalachian mountains.  Yarn is dyed individually and in small batches for maximum consistency in each dye lot.  Every product is made to be an individual art piece, with the belief that quality materials will nurture your passion for the craft. 

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